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Welcome to iPaint

Professional Decorating Services

Interior Painting

Professional Finish. Whole House Projects. Single Rooms Projects
& More

Exterior Painting

All Forms of Exterior Decorating Undertaken.
Domestic & Commercial.
Garages, Outhouses, Sheds
& More


Who We Are

Hey, I am Ian, I am a painter and decorator with 12+ years experience, currently based in Wiltshire! I offer domestic and commercial services at a very good and fair price, get in touch for a free quote.


Latest Projects

Home Clinic

Home Clinic

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Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

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Full House

Full House

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What My Clients Say

Our Services

Paint Preparation

Scraping and cleaning surfaces ready for filling and sanding, if required. Masking & preparing all surface types ready for paintwork.

Professional Painting

Providing high quality finishes for both domestic & commercial properties. No matter the job the quality will always be at a professional level.

Wood & Metal Work

Preparation & painting of all interior and exterior wood & metal available. Door frames to garden gates. Contact me for enquiries of speciality jobs

Paint & Edge Removal

Specialist removal of paint. Removal of wallpaper, cladding, skirts etc. Consultation required.


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